Episode 31: We get hungry this episode and talk about food!

What’s up everybody?! In this month’s episode, the squad does something familiar, but also very new to the show. We EAT! We all ended up recommending a restaurant for everyone to try. Tune in to hear all about the delicious […]


Episode 30: The squad pivots talk stonks in addition to gaming

In this month’s episode, the squad has a returning guest! We’d like to welcome back Calvin_Got_A_Job! He’s been dealing the for a couple of years, and when we say dealing, he’s trading stonks! The squad has been playing the market, […]


Episode 29: Guess whos back, back again? C-Los is back tell a friend!

What’s up everybody?! We hope you’re all doing well out there as the guys get back together virtually to bring you another episode of I Am The Podcast Now! Returning in this month’s episode is DustySurface and Carlos aka C-Los! […]


Episode 28: Dynamic Duo of Bleak & J2abbit for this last episode of the year!

This year has been challenging for many reasons. Regardless, Bleak and J2abbit are back for another episode! The other guys couldn’t make it this month due to family duties, but they will be joining us again next month. We go […]


Episode 27: The Squad has gone Next-Gen!

The squad had just made it in time to get the episode up before month’s end. It felt very much like trying to get a PS5 that just went on sale at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and even on PSN. Well, […]


Episode 26: Spooktober is here and is scaring people away, but the show must go on with the fearless ones J2abbit and Bleak!

In this month’s episode, things get a bit scary. Life happens and DustySurface & n0nm0tive had to sit out this month’s episode. No worries though! J2abbit and Bleak drank their brave potions to bring you another episode of I Am […]


Episode 25: Two Year Anniversary With Plans To Keep Going

This Podcast has been going on for two years now, and that’s more than some relationships! We’re back meeting virtually, thanks to Discord, for our monthly episode and it’s a special one! Some big things happened in the past month. […]


Episode 24: Almost 2 years in the making and we still got content for you! Ghost of Tshushima, Marvel Avengers, Fall Guys, and much more are on the table this month.

Not too many groups last a year doing a podcast, but thanks to YOU we are here approaching TWO years! In this month’s episode, the squad goes over some of the new games that we’ve been playing the past month […]


Episode 23: COVID is still here, but so are we! We give you another Episode through Discord with our thoughts on Last Of Us II, Bloodborne, Tarkov, Hyperscape, and more!

We’re still dealing with COVID, but that wont stop the guys coming together bringing you another episode through Discord! We dive deeper into The Last of Us II giving you just about our final thoughts on the game. Kyle got […]


Episode 22: Next Gen Is Here! If you completely missed the PS5 reveal, the squad will update you with what you need to know! Not many new games have came out, so that means time to play some older games. Tune in to see what we’ve been playing and also watching.

In this month’s episode, the squad comes together again via Discord to bring you another podcast about gaming and everything else. DustySurface wasn’t able to make it to this episode, but coming back is N0nm0tive! The PS5 is no longer […]