Episode 23: COVID is still here, but so are we! We give you another Episode through Discord with our thoughts on Last Of Us II, Bloodborne, Tarkov, Hyperscape, and more!

We’re still dealing with COVID, but that wont stop the guys coming together bringing you another episode through Discord! We dive deeper into The Last of Us II giving you just about our final thoughts on the game. Kyle got […]


Episode 22: Next Gen Is Here! If you completely missed the PS5 reveal, the squad will update you with what you need to know! Not many new games have came out, so that means time to play some older games. Tune in to see what we’ve been playing and also watching.

In this month’s episode, the squad comes together again via Discord to bring you another podcast about gaming and everything else. DustySurface wasn’t able to make it to this episode, but coming back is N0nm0tive! The PS5 is no longer […]


Episode 21: Another Quaranstream Episode. Are PCs taking over the squad? We dive into some new games and new equipment!

In this month’s episode, the guys are back with N0nm0tive. Unfortunately, Kyle couldn’t make it but he will be back! Last episode, Dusty got his PC and one more member, Bleak, got one as well. We talk about their experiences […]


Episode 20: Quarantine continues as the squad tries out some new games and watch new shows!

In this month’s episode, the squad is back in full force with the addition of n0nm0tive! Traditionally we play on console, but one of the members got into the PC “master race.” Find out who it is, and the reason […]


Episode 19: March Madness literally! For the first time the guys get together through Zoom because of COVID-19. Hear about our experiences and what we’ve been up to!

In this month’s episode, things get pretty serious with public health and our daily living. That doesn’t stop the squad from getting together, thanks to Zoom, to continue on with the podcast. We get to meet a new guest member […]


Episode 18: February is upon us and Dusty is in Hawaii while the rest of the squad holds down the fort.

In this month’s episode, we change gears a bit because we haven’t really played anything new. We touch up on the new seasons for Modern Warfare and Apex Legends. Next, we dive into the cinema world and discuss our favorite […]


Episode 17: First podcast of the year and the guys start off with talking about what’s been going on. Call of Duty League premiered finally! The guys also touch on Star Wars: Fallen Order and get into Netflix’s The Witcher. Tune in for much more and get some laughs in!

In this month’s episode the squad becomes a triforce with C-Los having to bow out due to real life, but he should be back soon! Although Kyle isn’t here for this month, he will be stepping up and taking on […]


Episode 16: The Best of the Best of this decade’s games from the Oscar’s of Games and from our point of view. Next-gen systems are around the corner and the first PS5 game is Godfall

In this month’s episode we go back to Death Stranding and the ending of the game. J2abbit gives his final thoughts about the game. The year is almost up, so it’s time to give out game of the year awards. […]


Episode 15: The guys are back with a special guest! We get to hear about an awesome duck named Tito before we get back into Death Stranding and Outer Worlds, and finally Kyle’s Corner

This month, we have a special guest who tells us all about Tito the Ducky and what it’s like caring for a cosplaying duck. You can follow Tito @ titotheducky on your favorite social media app. J2abbit talks about Death […]


Episode 14: Let’s get Modern with Warfare and then let’s talk about the Future! LoL is coming to console and will we play it? Are Ghosts real? Kyle also visits Area 51 to find some answers!

In this month’s episode we welcome Kyle back to the podcast! We get right to it and talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game feels a bit different but also familiar as we all give our take on […]