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Episode 40: Happy Holidays From the Guys! We get together once more before the year ends. We Have Two Guests That Rejoins Us!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we get to share it with two familiar voices, Grandpa Garp and Keylos! Many of us have jumped into PC gaming, and Keylos finally rejoins the “Master Race”. Grandpa Garp got […]


Episode 39: We are thankful for you! Thank you for the continued support and tune in this month’s episode for some 2042 insight

What’s up everybody! It’s one of the most busiest times of the year with Thanksgiving just ending, and now preparing for Christmas and New Years. Regardless, we get back together in time to talk about Thanksgiving food, moist cornbread, and […]


EPISODE 38: Just in time for a spooky session! Would you like to know more?

Good evening everybody! We’re back with another episode for all you listener(s) out there! Thank you for coming back on a monthly basis and we have a little treat for you in this episode. Battlefield 2042 is coming out soon, […]


Episode 37: Just in time before the end of the month

What’s up everybody! We apologize for the last minute upload of this month’s episode. The guys have been busy celebrating birthdays left and right. Dusty, J2abbit, and Bleak all are all Virgos and this month was full of celebrations! Aside […]


Episode 36: More than a mouthful! We’re back and still at it even though we’re in a gaming lull

What’s up everybody! The guys are back and are excited as they’re together in person to bring you episode 36! Although there hasn’t been many big releases as of yet, we still plugging in and logging some gaming hours. Aside […]


Episode 35: The boys are back in person!

Finally! Now that we’re all vaccinated and feel safe enough to visit each other, the boys are back doing the podcast in person. Do you notice how clear the quality is? Anyways! We’re back talking games, food, and everything else […]


Episode 34: Chivalry still exists!

It’s a hot summer day, but the guys get together once more for this month’s episode! Some new games have come out and we dive right in to them. We go over Chivalry II and how much fun we’ve had […]


Episode 33: The guys are back with more than ever!

What’s up everybody?! The guys got back together just in time once more to provide you with your monthly prescription of laughter and enjoyment! What was thought to be a short episode became much more than that. Listen in to […]


Episode 32: Guess who’s back?! Tune in to find out. We talk food, relationships, games, and more!

What’s up everybody!? The squad is back just in time to give you another monthly episode. We have a member return after a long hiatus. Please tune in to find out! Some of the guys are back vaccinated and back […]


Interview Series Episode 1: Financial literacy and investing for beginners with Salam Hassan

In the first episode of our interview series we bring on Salam Hassan, CEO of Wolfpack Trading and Investing, to discuss investing 101, as well as his vision of building community among retail investors and making financial literacy commonplace for […]