Episode 55: Spring is here and it definitely put a step up in our game! We have a lot for you this month


What’s happening everyone? We hope you are all doing well! In this month’s episode: Aldo, Kyle, and Jon get together to talk about anything and everything, especially video games. Mark isn’t with the squad this time, but he will be back again! Let’s get to it. Some new games are coming up that the guys are excited for: Starship Troopers FPS and also a Warhammer 40k fps game. Of course, the guys talk about what they’re currently playing and also about some RTS and turn-based games. Diablo 4 beta was out this weekend and Jon had a chance to play it. There’s also some updates coming out for Warhammer, and Aldo and Kyle talk about if its good or bad for the Warhammer community. Jon later goes in and describes his experience with PSVR2 so far.

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