Episode 11: We’re more than halfway into the year, so we talk about our favorite games up to this point. One game focuses on AI, and it appears one of the guys might be one. Can you guess which one?

Games get released all year round and we briefly talk about what we’ve liked and disliked so far. The year started with promise, but was very much a disappointment. There are a few games we are looking forward to though, […]


Episode 10: Almost had to cancel this month’s episode, but we were able to gather once more to discuss some E3 and our favorite games that we’re playing at the moment. Please do not eat during Kyle’s corner!

Due to some unfortunate events the squad almost had to cancel this month’s episode. Luckily we were able to gather, and get away from the heat to talk about E3. Are the trailers hyped up? Or will we get more […]


Episode 9: This months episode is a doozy! We got Carlos on this month, more or less.. into Division 2, new PSN games like Smite, Dauntless, Path of Exiles, Valkyria Chronicles 4, and of course Kyle’s Corner!

This months episode is a doozy! We got Carlos on the mic for the first time! We talk more about Division 2 and it aint good. The Squad tried some new games on PS4 and we liked some and disliked […]


Episode 8: Welcoming another member on the podcast, who’s still on The Division 2, what the squad has been up to, Playstation 5, and much more!

In this month’s episode, Miluca finally appears with Howard and we get to hear what they’ve been up to along with the rest of the squad. The Division 2 has been out for about a month now, but has it […]


Episode 7: Welcoming a new member to the team and more on Anthem, The Division 2, and much more!

In this episode we introduce, Corey, the newest member to the podcast. We get down and dirty with Anthem and The Division 2 with the positives and negatives of those games. We introduce Kyle’s Corner where he tells us a […]


Episode 6: Apex Legends, more new new games, and the squad answers a question from a listener

In this month’s episode the squad welcomes new games. Apex Legends is the new Battle Royale game, and is it a hit or is it a miss? We dive into Jump Force, and then start thinking about the future with […]


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Episode 5: New member joins the podcast, gamer tags, XBOX or Sony, and much more in this podcast!

In this month’s episode we get to meet a new member that finally decided to join us on the podcast. We also learn more about some of the guys’ gamer tags and where they came from. As the future of […]


Episode 4: Read Dead Redemption Online, Battlefield V, and more in this episode

In this month’s episode we talk about what has happened within the past month since the last episode. Kyle aka Dadtron3030 has some surprising news for you all. We also discuss our experience Red Dead Redemption online, Battlefield V, and […]


Episode 3: The squad introduces three new voices and things get a bit red dead

In this Episode we introduce to you three new additions to the squad. Things get Red Dead real quick, with talks about how Fortnite manages to stay relevant even with the release of Red Dead, Black Ops 4, and Battlefield […]