Episode 42: New Month New Games


What’s up every one! In this month’s episode, the guys get back together to do what we love–talk about games and everything else! But first, Gentlemen of 220 want to say farewell to a fallen sister – Marshmallow. J2abbit’s bunny got pretty sick and the ultimate decision had to be made to preserve her dignity and quality of life. We will always miss and love you Marsh! Dustysurface is in Hawaii enjoying the sun right now, so he will be out this month, but never fear Granda Garp is here! There have been a few new releases and J2abbit goes over Dying Light 2 and Horizon Forbidden West! Hear what he says about both games and be sure to listen in next month to see if his views on the games have changed. Although Bleak and Grandpa Garp have not been digitally gaming, they have been gaming on the tabletop. Warhammer 40k is still going on and it’s going strong! These two are back from a long hiatus, and if you’re like J2abbit and not really know much about it, these 2 gents go over all you need to know if you decide to get into it! We appreciate you all still being here, and we look forward to next month!

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