Episode 37: Just in time before the end of the month


What’s up everybody! We apologize for the last minute upload of this month’s episode. The guys have been busy celebrating birthdays left and right. Dusty, J2abbit, and Bleak all are all Virgos and this month was full of celebrations! Aside from all that good stuff, we welcome back Dadtron3030 Kyle! No joke, this month has been busy, but J2abbit has been able to game a bit playing the new NBA 2k22 and New World! If you are curious about those games be sure to listen in! Dadtron3030 is living his fantasy in Final Fantasy XIV. That game as quite a good following and Dadtron3030 will tell you why. The guys also talk about movies, cyberpunk themed everything, Destiny II and more! Do you think the US should have a law in place limiting video gaming time? Let us know!

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