Episode 26: Spooktober is here and is scaring people away, but the show must go on with the fearless ones J2abbit and Bleak!


In this month’s episode, things get a bit scary. Life happens and DustySurface & n0nm0tive had to sit out this month’s episode. No worries though! J2abbit and Bleak drank their brave potions to bring you another episode of I Am The Podcast Now! Since it is October, J2abbit talks a bit about a scary game that is out there right now called Phasmophobia. It’s a scary game, and it’s also a fun game. Depends on the person playing it though! Bleak continues on with Call of Duty and tells us all about the Halloween Updates. That’s not all he’s been up to though! Red Dead Redemption is quietly getting updates too and be sure to listen to hear all about it. We go over our favorite scary games and have high hopes for next month!

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