Episode 23: COVID is still here, but so are we! We give you another Episode through Discord with our thoughts on Last Of Us II, Bloodborne, Tarkov, Hyperscape, and more!


We’re still dealing with COVID, but that wont stop the guys coming together bringing you another episode through Discord! We dive deeper into The Last of Us II giving you just about our final thoughts on the game. Kyle got his Platinum trophy, so be sure to listen to what game he got it for and challenge yourself to do it too! Moving onto PC, we go down the rabbit hole in Escape from Tarkov. Here’s another challenge. Every time you hear “Tarkov”, take a shot! Hyperscape is a new game that came out, and it was a good beta experience. We got more game talk awaiting you! The question of the day was who was our first gaming crush! This is must listen material! Thanks again for sticking with us, and we’ll be back next month with another episode!

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