Episode 20: Quarantine continues as the squad tries out some new games and watch new shows!


In this month’s episode, the squad is back in full force with the addition of n0nm0tive! Traditionally we play on console, but one of the members got into the PC “master race.” Find out who it is, and the reason for dipping into a new scene! JRabbit goes over some new games he played: Animal Crossing & Predator: Hunting Grounds. N0nm0tive dipped into Final Fantasy VII remake and beat it! Hear what he as to say about the game. Bleak goes back in time and started playing Breakpoint, even though it’s a glitchy game. Warzone is no longer fun. Enough with games! The guys go over some movies and shows that they have been watching. Tune in to find out what we recommend to watch while you’re at home! Kyle does something on Facebook. Listen to it on Kyle’s Korner!

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