Episode 17: First podcast of the year and the guys start off with talking about what’s been going on. Call of Duty League premiered finally! The guys also touch on Star Wars: Fallen Order and get into Netflix’s The Witcher. Tune in for much more and get some laughs in!


In this month’s episode the squad becomes a triforce with C-Los having to bow out due to real life, but he should be back soon! Although Kyle isn’t here for this month, he will be stepping up and taking on a bigger role. Anyways!! Happy New year to everyone. We’re all excited because we get the new next-gen systems this year! First though, the guys talk about what they’ve been up to. We get into talking about some new games, and what games we are excited for. Unfortunately there are some delays in some games, which got some of us disappointed. The squad also goes into a bit of what we like and dislike about the new Call of Duty League.

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