Episode 15: The guys are back with a special guest! We get to hear about an awesome duck named Tito before we get back into Death Stranding and Outer Worlds, and finally Kyle’s Corner


This month, we have a special guest who tells us all about Tito the Ducky and what it’s like caring for a cosplaying duck. You can follow Tito @ titotheducky on your favorite social media app. J2abbit talks about Death Stranding and talks about if it delivers or not. It’s not a game for everyone, but for those who are looking for something different it’s worth a look. Hella Bleak talks about Outer Worlds and gives his review on it. Kyle has an adventure in Costa Rica and tells us all about it in Kyle’s Corner! Extra Life was a success as we raised over $500! Thank you all for those who donated and supported us throughout the session. Tune in, and have some laughs!

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