Episode 14: Let’s get Modern with Warfare and then let’s talk about the Future! LoL is coming to console and will we play it? Are Ghosts real? Kyle also visits Area 51 to find some answers!


In this month’s episode we welcome Kyle back to the podcast! We get right to it and talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game feels a bit different but also familiar as we all give our take on the highs and the lows including our thoughts on battle/season passes. The episode gets a little spicy thanks to Keylos providing us with a chip seasoned in ghost peppers! We continue talking about a bit of Borderlands 3 then we get onto league of Legends moving to console Playstation V is on the way next year and we talk about if we’re ready for it. Since it’s October and near Halloween, we talk about our experiences with ghosts/spirits and if we believe in them. Finally, in Kyle’s Corner we get to hear about his visit to Area 51. Did he storm it? Did he clap some Alien Cheeks?!

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