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Episode 16: The Best of the Best of this decade’s games from the Oscar’s of Games and from our point of view. Next-gen systems are around the corner and the first PS5 game is Godfall

In this month’s episode we go back to Death Stranding and the ending of the game. J2abbit gives his final thoughts about the game. The year is almost up, so it’s time to give out game of the year awards. […]


Episode 2: The squad discusses Blacks Ops 4, getting tired of Fortnite and the upcoming NBA season

In this Episode, we discuss the never-ending grind of Fortnite and the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. With many other games coming out this quarter, which ones do we plan on getting? Which ones do you plan on […]


Episode 1: Squad intros, favorite gaming moments, upcoming games, and sinking ships.

Today you will meet some of the members and what got us into gaming. We go retro then bring it back to today’s games, and why we’re still playing them. Special thanks to Miniluv on Sound Cloud for hooking us […]