In this month’s episode, the squad comes together again via Discord to bring you another podcast about gaming and everything else. DustySurface wasn’t able to make it to this episode, but coming back is N0nm0tive! The PS5 is no longer a secret, but will it live up to the hype? Some of the games say so! Since not many console games have come out, the squad has been hopping onto their PCs taking advantage of the XBOX Game Pass. Hear what Hella Bleak, J2abbit, N0nm0tive, and Dadtron3030 have been playing both on console & PC. We also touch a bit on some movies and shows that we’ve been watching during these times of shelter-in-place. While a good amount of the country is free to go out, we advise that you please practice safe distancing and good hand hygiene! Enjoy the show!